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“Amazing Ankeny Kids Martial Arts Class Not Only Teaches Kids Self-Defense … But Gives Them The Tools They Need For Success In Life…”

From focusing, to goal setting, to self-discipline,to self-respect – kids emerge from this program changed for the better. And their parents couldn't be happier.

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Hi, my name is Josh Neer. "I will increase your child's confidence, self esteem, teach them to avoid peer pressure, increase their motor skills, teach them to defend themselves, how to handle bullies, teach them life skills that will last a lifetime and much much more!

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Josh Neer. 

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A confident kid is UNSTOPPABLE!

It's amazing, but true…

I had a SECRET someone shared with me. 

"People laughed when I told them that jiu-jitsu would teach my child discipline, confidence, and self esteem…  

But, now I'm the one laughing- she's a - "Straight "A" Student, Confident, and Respectful!"

What's the secret they say?

Elite Edge Martial Arts is the SECRET! 

Did you know that Martial Arts is 10 times better than Team Sports in developing a child's self esteem and confidence? Our program can and WILL help your child increase their confidence, self-esteem, discipline, while teaching them life skills that will last them a lifetime. (Let me explain why you MUST come see our program for yourself.  It will be the best thing that you'll ever do for your child.) 

In our program you child will be able to progress at their very own pace. We understand that everyone learns differently. No matter if your child can only train once a week or everyday we have the program that will fit your needs.


Dear Parent,

Welcome To Our Website!

I know your thinking how can martial arts teach your child life lessons and everything else that I mentioned. 

Well, let me assure you that it can in more ways than one. My name is Joe Brammer head of Elite Edge Training Center. I've been involved in Martial Arts for 20 years and I've been a resident in Polk County for 27 years. 

I'm on a unstoppable mission to help the children of my community achieve academic success, gain confidence, increase their self-esteem, avoid peer pressure, stay fit and live a healthy lifestyle.

I have a secret to share with you. I've already done it and I'm continuing to do it everyday with kids just like yours and we can do it for your child. 

Imagine how you'll feel when your child becomes unstoppable at achieving all of the positive things life has to offer and unstoppable at avoiding all of the negative things life has to offer. With our exclusive Jiu-Jitsu program not only will your child receive all of the benefits that I just spoke about and more from our program, they'll love doing it. I guarantee it!

Don't take my word for it... listen to what some of our parent's have to say!

“Unbelievable! He did his homework the first time I asked!”

Hey, I just wanted to tell you that Cash did his homework today the first time I asked him! I'm still in shock! I know it's because of what he learned in class. You have put together an incredible program. Thank you so much. Sincerely, -Sarah Halverson

“She just can't wait for 'martial arts days'…”

At first I wasn't sure if Hailey would like the program. After all, she's only 6, so she never really sticks to anything. Boy was I wrong! She gets extremely upset if we ever have to miss a class now. And I can tell she's more focused, more attentive, and just all around happier after starting this program. - Hailey's Mom

“Martial arts taught me how to succeed at life…”

I started training mma when I was 7 years old with Josh Neer. Josh taught me the basics of jiu-jitsu and boxing. He was my mentor and coach growing up and taught me basically everything I know. 

Josh comes to my wrestling meets and always supports me . Now 12 years later and Josh is still my mentor and friend. My 6 year old sister is learning jiu-jitsu with him at Elite Edge.

Martial arts transitions into life so many ways. No matter how tired you are, you learn to just keep going, you feel like you can accomplish anything in life. Martial arts teaches you how to be mentally strong and overcome many obstacles in life.  

Most importantly martial arts teaches you discipline and delayed gratification, it teaches you that you must work hard in life to achieve what you want but also the you can accomplish anything as long as you work for it!

Grant Sherman

“She Can Hardly Wait For Class!”

When I heard Elite Edge was offering jiu jitsu classes for children I immediately signed up our little girl Jaidyn. She can hardly wait for class to start. After the first class she was hooked. Jaidyn looks forward to class every week. Mr Neer is an excellent instructor. Jaidyn liked jiu jitsu so much I decided I would sign up too! - Tom Paulson (Jaidyn's Grandfather)

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“Will martial arts make my kid violent?”

Absolutely not! We don't teach kids how to kick and punch so they can go down the street and beat up the neighbor's kid. 

Instead, we teach kids self-defense as a tool for personal growth and development. 

Kids learn to treat others as they want to be treated. They learn to respect all living things – from their parents to pets.

Often, kids who were violent before they joined our class changed, and became non-violent. So no, martial arts won't make your child violent!

“Will my child get hurt?”

I've had children come to my program for years without ever obtaining a single injury. 

This is actually the case with most children. 

Have children gotten injured in my martial arts class? Yes, some have. But the injuries were no different than those which kids who play baseball and other sports get. 

In the words of a parent I recently spoke with, “The instructors pay attention to detail when it comes to safety.”

From padded floors, to proper gear, to step-by- step instruction – we do everything in our power to insure your child's safety. I can't guarantee your child won't be injured – but I can tell you that almost no children receive injuries in my program. 

And that's because we take your child's safety very seriously.

“What if my child's not athletic? Will he have a hard time?”

Often children who don't find success in team sports come to martial arts. And they love it.

That's because with martial arts you go at your own pace. 

See, team sports actually harm the self-esteem of children who aren't very athletic. When they don't perform well, the other kids can be pretty nasty. And this can leave some serious scars on their self-esteem.

But with martial arts, they can't let anyone down. Everyone goes at their own pace. Some kids learn quicker than others – but the children who advance quickly are not valued more than the kids who advance slowly.

Everyone is greatly encouraged – regardless of his or her athletic level.

“Will my child have fun? Will he want to stick with the program?”

When parents take their kids to appointments – normally the parent has to run around and do everything in their power to get their children to the appointment on time. 

“Hurry up!” they shout, “We'll be late!” (How many times have you said this?)

But with martial arts, something fascinating happens… Often the children are the ones yelling these things! They don't want to be late, and they never want to miss a class. 

In fact, I know of many parents who use martial arts as an incentive to get chores done. If the kids are good, do their chores, and do their homework – they get martial arts as a reward. 

That's because your child will have a ton of fun. He'll be laughing and smiling throughout the entire class. And because He'll constantly be setting and reaching goals – He'll want to stick with the program. 

It will become a part of his life as if it was always there.

“Will my child learn a talent that they can be proud of?”

Many children find pride in being able to do “cool” things like dancing, juggling, singing, playing an instrument, etc., etc., etc.

I've seen many kids enter talent shows, and show off their martial arts skills. The crowd is blown away every time! 

There's simply something fascinating and exciting about watching martial arts. And your child will take great pride in his abilities.

“Is martial arts just for boys? Or can my girl take martial arts too?”

On this page I've said “he” a lot. But the truth is, there are just as many girls in many of our classes as there are boys. 

Girls love martial arts just as much, and get the same fulfillment out of it as boys do. 

Also, if I've learned anything in my years of teaching, its that girls are just as tough as boys. Many are even tougher! 

So you don't have to worry about your little girl getting hurt, or feeling scared because she'll be practicing with boys. In fact, the boys may even be the ones who are scared.

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In Our Program Your Child Will Experience . . .

Leadership Skills: To help them succeed in life! Thai-jitsu will teach your child how to set goals and take responsibility for their own actions. These qualities, more than any others, will help your child develop as a leader and not as a follower. This, in turn, will ensure their success in school, college and life!

Increased Physical Aptitude and Fitness: To help your child develop physically! Our programs increase speed, stamina and agility in children. They also help develop balance, coordination and timing, which helps your child in sports and other activities.

Mental Development: To give your child the courage to say NO in the face of peer pressure! One of the scariest problems facing many parents today is the possibility that their child may become involved with drugs. The number of children taking drugs at a younger age is staggering. As active members in the nationally recognized H.E.R.O. program, we help promote anti-drug programs as well as conduct our own anger management and conflict resolution program. Our programs are designed to promote self-confidence and self-esteem--giving your child the strength to resist peer pressure.

High Energy Classes: Fun-filled classes your child will truly enjoy! From the children's point of view, the best part about our program is how much fun the classes really are. We focus your child's energy in a positive and productive manner.

Realistic Self-Defense Skills: That could save your child's life! While we wish it weren't a factor in our program, that fact remains that we live in a world full of undesirable people. We don't give children a false sense of reality by teaching them how to be victorious only in competition. Our program teaches your child how to protect themselves in real life threatening situations. This invaluable skill could be the difference between life and death!

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